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Celebrating PMSMA Achievements

Government of India ‘IPledgeFor9’ Achievers Awards

‘IPledgeFor9’ Achievers Awards celebrate individual and team achievements under the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA) across India. PMSMA implementation relies on commitment of government functionaries and voluntary contribution of time by health care providers. Hence ‘awards and recognition’ is critical for the Abhiyan to achieve its objectives and for sustaining performance.

Objectives of the ‘IPledgeFor9’ Achievers Awards

The objectives of the awards are two-fold:

  • Objective-1 : Identify and recognize excellence in PMSMA performance at various levels
  • Objective-2 : Identify and recognize exemplary public, private and voluntary sector contribution to PMSMA

Overarching Principles

  • Wide Public and social recognition of contribution
  • Results driven recognition based on significance and consistency of contribution
  • Timely recognition of good performance
  • Transparency of the award process
  • Ownership of government and professional bodies / organizations contributing to PMSMA

Public and social recognition

Team, individual and organizational contribution will be publicly recognized through awards’ ceremonies as well as across virtual platforms- the ‘Halls of Fame’- in national and state health portals and social media.

Certificates for good performance will be awarded in public functions at various levels (district, state, and national) awarded by Ministers / elected members of the Parliament, Legislative Assembly in the presence of state / district authorities and Panchayati Raj Institutions with full media coverage of events. Press Release by Authorities in the Local / State / national Media and feature in Radio and TV Channels will provide wide public recognition. Photographs of best performing teams, individuals and organizations will also be showcased through the PMSMA portal and social media.

Categories of Awards

Three broad categories of awards are proposed: Team Awards, Individual Awards and Special Awards.

Team awards are focused on facilities providing full complement of services and facilities reaching the maximum proportion of beneficiaries. Team awards for ‘Efficient tracking of High Risk Pregnancies’, linking PMSMA reporting and MCTS will find special feature.

Individual awards recognize consistent contribution over time as well as significant contribution in terms of maximum beneficiaries reached.

Significant and consistent involvement in special regions including High Priority Districts, hard to reach areas and tribal areas will also be recognized. Under the special category awards, state governments are encouraged to add-on additional state-specific awards, as long as the transparency of the award process can be ensured. Outstanding service by individuals from public sector, across categories can also be awarded by the states. The states are to share the proposed criteria for such individual public sector awards with Government of India. Outstanding organizational contributions to PMSMA will also be recognized, including thematic contribution for technical support, operations support.

Levels of award, frequency, timeframe

The awards are proposed at three levels : district, state and national. The awards In the first year, to set the momentum, awards would be presented in April 2017. A number of awards in seven (7) sub-categories are available for recognition of teams, individuals and organizations at each level – district, state and national.

Virtual awards

In all, 37 ‘Halls of Fame’ (one National and 36 State Halls of Fame) will be available in the National PMSMA portal to feature best performance virtually.

Every month, the photographs of all doctors registering to provide voluntary service will be displayed for 24 hours in the PMSMA Portal, after which will be available in the Weekly / monthly archive. Once the Abhiyan is under full implementation, every month, top 5 individuals providing service to the maximum number of beneficiaries, across the country and every state will be featured. Top 5 performances in the High Priority Districts will also be featured at the national and state ‘Halls of Fame’. In addition, the Top performers will be recognized by the Ministry in tweets. The photographs featured monthly will be archived in the next month and will be available for a full period of 12 months. At the end of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, all consistent contributors who provided services on all PMSMA days will also be featured, starting from the fourth month. E-certificates will be awarded.

All recipients of physical awards will also be featured in the virtual ‘Halls of Fame’

Management Processes

The monthly PMSMA reporting data will form the backbone for a transparent ‘award’ process. PMSMA National, State and District level Committees will guide implementation of the award process.

Branding of awards and Marketing

The awards will be fully branded and widely publicized across print, broadcast and new media, and will include a strong Post launch strategy for creating visibility / popularizing the Award, its sustainability and constantly creating a buzz around the Award.


State / national ownership is the underlying principle for the PMSMA Awards and state governments are encouraged to cost awards ceremonies and to set aside funding for this purpose. Funding can alternatively be leveraged from CSR, partners, other institutions and organizations and from constituency development funds.

Measuring, Review and Revision

In the first year of PMSMA, a common minimum set of awards are proposed based on available data- Volunteer Credit from the PMSMA portal, PMSMA reports as well as PMSMA-MCTS linked data. The impact of awards and recognition in PMSMA will be periodically reviewed by the ‘Awards Review Committee’ and course corrections would be incorporated to ensure maximum impact and sustainability. Based on good practices from the states and the ability to link PMSMA- MCTS data, which is validated, the criteria for awards would be revisited periodically.